Journalist Rico Washington and photographer Shino Yanagawa fuse their individual sociocultural experiences and unique perspectives on a vibrant, collaborative palate of insightful photojournalism with We The People: The Citizens of NYCHA in Photos + Words. Inspired by the documentarian works of Jacob Riis, Gordon Parks, Ruiko Yoshida, Timothy Greenfield-Sanders and Elvis Mitchell, Washington and Yanagawa brazenly explore the concept of second-class citizenship as applied to blacks and Latinos residing in New York City's Housing Authority sites. Through the indelible mediums of still photography and journalism, the complexities at the crossroads of self-identity, stigma, struggle, and transcendence are skillfully examined. At the impetuous hands of yellow journalism, sensationalist media, and political baiting tactics, residents of housing projects have endured decades of disdain from larger society. We The People functions as a redemption song for the stereotyped and the stymied.

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